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I go above and beyond

I go above and beyond


“Andrea is an expert when it comes to dog training. She gave me and my fiancé a ton of helpful strategies that helped reduce problem behaviours with our pup Tate. She truly has been a life saver, she has a ton of energy, super dedicated, super knowledgeable, and answered any questions we had. She is always there for us and I appreciate that. She is the best. I highly recommend Andrea for your dog training.”

“I just want to say that Andrea has done a wonderful job with my new little puppy. I got him about 12 weeks ago. She came to my house and several times and she really just not only taught him but she actually taught me on what I need to do so I can continue her lessons throughout the week. And I am just so proud of my little boy Zack, he just turned one, he is an awesome guy and he is just so well behaved, I get so many compliments when we are out on walks. He is doing just awesome. So Thanks!”

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